No matter if it’s High School or College, Education is the key to success. As an Adjunct Professor, experience an one of a kind workshop, presentation or lecture provided by ADRI V and feel the passion and enthusiasm on the topics of Higher Education, Goal Setting, Career Development, Time Management, Academics and More all the while being Edutained [Entertained & Educated].


Motivation is like deodorant it’s needed daily so why not ensure you have it? Allow ADRI V to provide your school, employees or organization with the chance to be motivated and empowered with a game changing message that will leave all listening ready to get up, get out and go get it, and Be a Go Getta!


Having a host, mistress of Ceremony, MC is a perfect addition to enhance your event. ADRI V offers a professional and customized hosting to any event adding the special touch to keep an event, program or ceremony moving smoothly, exciting all the while providing true entertainment to the audience.

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