Adriana “ADRI.V” Viverette multi-talented entertainment journalist and on-air talent in Western New York on 93.7 WBLK, HOT 99.1, 103.9 WDKX where she has worked on-camera and behind the scenes with BET, CNN, Sirius XM, VMAs, GRAMMY’s covering the red-carpet and more! Adriana is the creator of “ADRI.V’s Go Getta Mix” which is a syndicated specialty mix show produced for CHR, Rhythmic CHR and Urban formatted radio stations designed to air in any daypart hosted By ADRI.V The Go Getta. Get in the mix weekly as ADRI.V brings the club to your Crib, The Club to your Car, The Club to wherever you are with her featured DJ doing it The Go Getta Way! “ADRI.V’s Go Getta Mix” is set to entertain, empower and educate all listeners with the mix weekly Concert Series, Wins of The Week, What The Hell News, Truth About a Lie You Told, ADRI.V’s motivational minute and more! Listen to ADRI.Vs Go Getta Mix weekly.

ADRI.V On Air!

POWER 93.7 WBLK  (Fridays 10PM-2AM)



Hot 99.1 WQBK  (Fridays 12AM-2AM)



103.9 WDKX  (Saturday 4PM-8PM)

Award Winning DJs have mixed on The Go Getta Mix

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