ADRI.V On Air!

ADRI.V The Go Getta is now on air in four cities on four stations. On a weekly bases you can find ADRI.V taking over the airwaves in New York state in Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and New York City

The Go Getta Mix with ADRI.V Mix Show 

“The Go Getta Mix with ADRI.V” is where ADRI.V give the opportunity for non-radio DJs to gain exposure on the radio. ADRI.V states “traveling to different places and hearing so many great DJs, I wanted to give them an opportunity to showcase their talents on a larger platform and for others to get to hear what I hear regularly: truly gifted and talented individuals.” This opportunity is open to ALL DJs. Selected DJs for “The Go Getta Mix” will have the opportunity to submit mixes that will be played during the show on Fridays in three cities Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY and Albany, NY all starting at 10 p.m on HOT 99.1, 93.7 WBLK and 103.9 WDKX. 

“The Go Getta Mix with ADRI.V” is a music-based show geared towards the partygoers, college students, overnight workers and general late night owls.
Understanding the importance of music and a DJ, ADRI.V decided to do what no other radio show is doing. On Friday nights listeners can Plug into the City and “Get In the Mix, The Go Getta Mix with ADRI.V” as she brings the Club to the Crib each month with a new selected DJ who gets an opportunity to Mix on the radio live on 93.7 WBLK in Buffalo, NY and HOT 99.1 WQSH in Albany, NY.

Award Winning DJs have mixed on The Go Getta Mix

Want more details on how YOU can get into The Mix???

Please do the following:

  • Follow ADRI.V The Go Getta on ALL social media sites at @ADRIVTheGoGetta
  • Have an active  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page
  • Submit a 20 min sample mix to
  • Include your name, all social media names and photo in the email.


What’s HOT Entertainment Report (HOT 99.1 Albany, NY)

Daily get in the know if you ain’t already know with ADRI.V as she gives you whats HOT on Hot 99.1 inside the Supreme Experience. Monday-Friday ADRI.V shares Whats HOT in the world of celebrities giving you the Hottest Entertainment News. Whats HOT airs daily 3:50PM & 5:50PM


Da Joint Mix Show (WDKX 103.9 Rochester, NY)

Every  Saturday ADRI.V is live on WDKX with Da Joint and featured DJs as they set the city playlist for the pregame show.


Thru The Wire Entertainment Report  (Sirius XM New York, NY)

Every Sunday ADRI.V joins the Tour with Tora on The Tor Guide on Sirius XM Hip Hop Nation as she gives you Hip Hop Headlines weekly wrap up Thru The Wire with headlines provided by

The Daily Buzz 716

Growing her media imprint ADRI.V has also served as a host for the daily TV  show “Daily Buzz 716” at ME-TV on WBBZ-TV. The Daily Buzz 716 is a female-oriented daily panel talk show in the mold of The View and The Talk. The program debuted March 1, 2017.