Wake. Pray. Go Get It!  – ADRI.V The Go Getta

Hey Go Gettas! 
I hope today has started great for you, that your mid day will be terrific and your ending be strong 💪🏾
Today’s Motivation message is all about “Wake.Pray. Go Get it!” So many times people take waking up for granted. So many of us forget to pray and many don’t decide to “Go Get It” whatever it is for them. 
Wakeing up for some is a struggle and not everyone look forward to the next day. Why? Well it’s because many people are not looking forward to what tomorrow has instore for them. They are not excited because tomorrow means another yesterday. There is no excitement, they don’t do what they love and life doesn’t give them the desire to want to keep going. I was once there. I remember once being in a dark place and waking up every everyday in the period was the hardest for me. I had no excitement, life didn’t seem worth it and as much as I pushed motivation I had none. It wasn’t until I started to pray, like really pray is when I wanted to wake! 
When the mothers of the church, Bishop and First Lady would say prayer changes things sometimes I would look at them like yeah…. Right…. 
This was especially was my thoughts when I was in my dark place until I started to Wake and then Pray. Prayer is you text messag, DM, email, and call to God. Sometimes I would leave messages for him when I called because in my head I was like he’s probably on another call. But the more I would Wake and pray the more I moved from the dark place I was once in to feeling his light and that he was with me. I seen my mindset change, my focus and then my outcome. Not only was prayer changing things but it was truly changing me. 
I would meet God every day, in the same place on the side of my bed so much that as soon as my knees would hit the ground I just felt a different feeling in my bedroom. I remember once feeling it so much that I couldn’t pray and all I could do was cry. His presence was there. It was in that moment I realized that everything I once prayed for was happening for me. 
Go Get It
I have always knew what “It” was for me but I didn’t realize so many people didn’t know what”It” was for them. What help me also come out of my dark place, and which I now can call depression was deciding to take all my energy and focus on my “It”. I would wake, pray and literally Go Get It. One day I’ll tell the story on how radio saved my life but my “it” is my career in radio, it been my live since 9 and I started chasing it at 16. 
I committed myself to it, going to the station daily even when I didn’t have to work. I networked, reached out to people, cold called and traveled to other stations. By focusing on it in addition to deciding to wake and pray began to not only survive but I thrived. 
I can go on and on with so many examples and stories but I’ll save that for my book. But the focus is that I everyday make the decision to Wake. Pray. Go Get it because no mater where you are this formula is a guarantee win! 
Go Getting Always,