Episode 36 ” Trust The Process”: The G Code With ADRI.V [Podcast] – ADRI.V The Go Getta


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Every Wednesday experience the unlocking of secretes to success, how to handle the worst and the best life throws at you. Get past The Pretty ; the glitz and the glam that many see on social media. The Ugly; the bed rock beginnings and hard times that are difficult that make you question your path. The Grind; the hustle the sleepless nights that no one see’s which develops The G Code’s; life lessons which fosters Success. Get ready for The G Code. Unlocking all Go Getta codes to success.

Listen to this weeks episode of The G Code as I share a key in securing the bag, “Trusting The Process”

So many people live in a microwave mindset. They want results quick and the prize quicker; but if you don’t go through the process you are missing a major key!




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