Episode 78 Meet Lindsey Taylor The Visionary [PODCAST]



Welcome to The G Code Podcast with ADRI.V  Episode 78 featuring  The Go Getta Lindsey Taylor Founder of Ballin’ for a Cause and Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival.


In this episode, I had the chance to sit with Lindsey Taylor a creative and visionary born and raised in the city of Buffalo, NY.  While in college at 19 years of age Lindsey Taylor decided to start his first business, Crown Entertainment and Promotions which birth one of Buffalos premier events Ballin’ For A Cause (BFAC).  Ballin’ for a Cause Tournament weekend is considered one of the most anticipated and sought after events in the country. Ballin’ for a Cause (BFAC) was launched in 2007 and tournament has featured teams from across the United States and the World creating the “World Games”.

‘Ballin for a Cause’ has provided charitable donations, social awareness and performed hundreds of community service hours to Western New York over the past ten years. Furthermore, the organization demonstrated a strong investment in the Buffalo community through its proceeds with “BFAC BIG 4 Initiative” which stands for Education, Youth Sports, Community and Health.  Despite the success of the event, they say all Good things must come to an end and this year will be “The Last Run” for Ballin’ for a cause.


Listen as Lindsey shares “The Pretty, The Ugly and The Grind to success” with his team through the years of running Ballin’ for a cause and why he decided to make this “The Last Run”. Take notes as he shares his Top 5 G Codes to success and his new endeavor Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival.

Learn about the Ballin’ For A Cause

WEB: www.Ballinforacause.com

Learn about Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival

WEB: www.beaufleuvemusicarts.com

Beau Fleuve Music & Art Festival Social Media @beaufleuvemusicarts

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