ADRI V Hosted The 13th Annual Young Miss Buffalo Pageant

I had the pleasure to host the 13th annual Young Miss Buffalo Pageant. The Young Miss Buffalo pageant is just one piece of the puzzle to such a great program. Also known as YMBP, Inc. it is not only committed to providing enriching and life changing opportunities to low income young ladies ages 13-17 in the Buffalo area, but young ladies across Western New York. YMBP, Inc. is dedicated to addressing and issues within the community facing all young people, with an emphasis on adolescent females. This is evident in the organization’s commitment to:

  • provide scholarships for educational assistance,
  • create a safe environment and structure for change to help each participant pursue excellence within themselves, thus enabling them to one day give back to their community, and
  • act as a liaison between youth and the community creating more support for the youth in the community by collaborating and building relationships with individuals and organizations that also advocate for and benefit adolescent females.

It is always an honor to host such an event and to support this great organization.



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