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Every Wednesday experience the unlocking of secretes to success, how to handle the worst and the best life throws at you. Get past The Pretty ; the glitz and the glam that many see on social media. The Ugly;the bed rock beginnings and hard times that are difficult that make you question your path. The Grind; the hustle the sleepless nights that no one see’s which develops The G Code’s; life lessons which fostersSuccess. Get ready for The G Code. Unlocking all Go Getta codes to success.

Listen to this weeks episode of The G Code as we talk with Chris Bishop founder of High Klass Hair who believes there is no such thing as plan B!


Christina Bishop’s passion for hair began at a very young age. She would sit in her neighborhood salon and and just watch as the hair stylists made their clients beautiful. She would then go home and practice on her dolls and her little sister. While in high school she went from practicing on dolls and family members to getting paid for her work. By the time she finished high school she had a full clientele. After high school she went to New York City to study forensic science at Pace University, but the beauty industry was still calling her.
At the age of 22, after countless attempts to ignore her calling, Chris decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion. She returned to Buffalo and in 2007 and attended the Salon Professional Academy part-time all while studying at Buffalo State College full-time. In 2009 Chris not only graduated from the academy she also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations with a focus in Business Management. Upon graduation Chris worked at Excellence Hair Design, Buffalo, under Master Stylist Latisha Brice. There she put all of her training to the test and again built a full clientele. Her objective however began to shift towards entrepreneurship.
In 2012 Chris launched a successful virgin hair extension company calling it HighKlass Hair and in 2013 she opened her first salon, HighKlass Hair Boutique Salon, which focused on healthy hair care, in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village. It was a success and her clientele quickly outgrew the space. In 2014 Christina decided it was time to take her business to the next level.  She needed a bigger space and wanted something fresh in the city that she calls home, while on vacation she discovered it would be a Weavebar. In July of 2015, Christina open her second salon calling it HighKlass Hair Weavebar  located in Buffalo’s Allentown district. Christina added to her original concept of healthy hair and incorporated a $50 sew-in concept because she began to recognize that clients were leaving weaves in for unhealthy amounts of time simply because they wanted to get their “money’s worth.” At HKH Weavebar clients  are offered sew-ins at a less expensive rate while all other services are a la cart.  The idea is that clients would not leave weaves in for long periods of time so they could get their hair treated more frequently which allows them to properly wear weave.
Christina’s mission is to provide a full service salon that is affordable for all women and children. Chris takes pride in her motto “I love healthy hair,” she also takes pride in encouraging, mentoring, and teaching young ladies how to live a lifestyle with “KLASS.” In her spear time, Christina enjoys attending community events and giving back to the community. In August of 2015, Christina was recognized by “Women in The Spotlight Going Global” for all that she has done for both her community and business.


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OWN Presents The Inaugural Super Sunday 100 Class – ADRI.V The Go Getta


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OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network) has put together 100 Go Getta’s who are inspiring and making major moves in the areas of  Entrepreneurship, Teaching, being a Creative, being a Giver and an Igniter.  the “SuperSoul 100” consist of powerful people like OWN’s on Iyanla Vanzant, Misty Copeland, Zendaya, Russel Simmons, Common, Gina Rodriquez and Jesse Williams.

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Serena Williams Featured On The Cover Of SELF Magazine September Issue [VIDEO] – ADRI.V The Go Getta



We admire her for her strength, we admire her for her attitude and ability to speak several languages. We all love the sisterhood between her and Venus and watching them dominate together gives us all life!  But what I love much is her body and that she has no apologies for the way she is built!

Go Getta Girl Serena Williams, a woman who stated that “winning is the only option” graces the cover of SELF Magazine September issues showing off that multimillion dollar body.

I remember at one time her body being under scrutiny when the very ignorant president of the Russian Tennis Federation called Venus and Serena the “Williams Brothers” saying that Serena was “Built like a man”. I personally believe that the president was just made that he could not have a body like her’s…tuh…

What I love is that the hate that came her way sure did not affect her at all because Serena shared in her interview with SELF  “I love my body, and I would never change anything about it,” she says. “I’m not asking you to like my body. I’m just asking you to let me be me. Because I’m going to influence a girl who does look like me, and I want her to feel good about herself.”

Well such confidence in self has truly landed Serena to be a top performer in the game of tennis.


If you didn’t know Serena Williams has won an astounding 71 singles championships. She was the first African-American woman in the Open Era to win a Grand Slam title—and has racked up a total of 22, officially tying Steffi Graf’s record with her July win at Wimbledon.  As if that wasn’t enough she has earned more than $77 million in prize money, the most ever for a female tennis player, and notched almost 1,000 career victories if you count her doubles triumphs, mostly with sister Venus.

Williams will play for her fifth gold medal at the Rio Olympics in August. She shaired “If I could grab one thing in a fire,it would be my gold medals.” And to top it all in September she’ll turn 35  and happens to be well past the age of many of her competitors. So when they try to tell you that age is a factor, tell them its nothing more than a number.

Serena is also the number-one-ranked women’s player in the world and has been, at press time, for the last 177 weeks. “It’s always been, like, bring it on—and more,” she says with a grin.

Get more of the interview HERE! with SELF Magazine. The September cover is set to hit stands August 9th.

Go Getta Girl Ri Ri On The Cover Of W Magazine  – ADRI.V The Go Getta

Bad Girl Ri Ri is truly a Go Getta making moves and taking us all hostage as we keep up with the moves she’s making. 

Covering the September issue of the magazine the W, Rihanna is imagined by Edward Enninful, Steven Klein and a slew of designers. 

With the looks of a ruling ruler and Queen Rihanna is pictured with cartier tiara, earrings, and necklace; her own cuff earring and chain necklace. 

Rihanna is already making history and let’s just say HERstory is being written. Can’t wait to see what else she is working on. 

To read more of this story and additional details visit wmagazine.com 

Picture CC: WMagazine.com 

Wake. Pray. Go Get It!  – ADRI.V The Go Getta

Hey Go Gettas! 
I hope today has started great for you, that your mid day will be terrific and your ending be strong 💪🏾
Today’s Motivation message is all about “Wake.Pray. Go Get it!” So many times people take waking up for granted. So many of us forget to pray and many don’t decide to “Go Get It” whatever it is for them. 
Wakeing up for some is a struggle and not everyone look forward to the next day. Why? Well it’s because many people are not looking forward to what tomorrow has instore for them. They are not excited because tomorrow means another yesterday. There is no excitement, they don’t do what they love and life doesn’t give them the desire to want to keep going. I was once there. I remember once being in a dark place and waking up every everyday in the period was the hardest for me. I had no excitement, life didn’t seem worth it and as much as I pushed motivation I had none. It wasn’t until I started to pray, like really pray is when I wanted to wake! 
When the mothers of the church, Bishop and First Lady would say prayer changes things sometimes I would look at them like yeah…. Right…. 
This was especially was my thoughts when I was in my dark place until I started to Wake and then Pray. Prayer is you text messag, DM, email, and call to God. Sometimes I would leave messages for him when I called because in my head I was like he’s probably on another call. But the more I would Wake and pray the more I moved from the dark place I was once in to feeling his light and that he was with me. I seen my mindset change, my focus and then my outcome. Not only was prayer changing things but it was truly changing me. 
I would meet God every day, in the same place on the side of my bed so much that as soon as my knees would hit the ground I just felt a different feeling in my bedroom. I remember once feeling it so much that I couldn’t pray and all I could do was cry. His presence was there. It was in that moment I realized that everything I once prayed for was happening for me. 
Go Get It
I have always knew what “It” was for me but I didn’t realize so many people didn’t know what”It” was for them. What help me also come out of my dark place, and which I now can call depression was deciding to take all my energy and focus on my “It”. I would wake, pray and literally Go Get It. One day I’ll tell the story on how radio saved my life but my “it” is my career in radio, it been my live since 9 and I started chasing it at 16. 
I committed myself to it, going to the station daily even when I didn’t have to work. I networked, reached out to people, cold called and traveled to other stations. By focusing on it in addition to deciding to wake and pray began to not only survive but I thrived. 
I can go on and on with so many examples and stories but I’ll save that for my book. But the focus is that I everyday make the decision to Wake. Pray. Go Get it because no mater where you are this formula is a guarantee win! 
Go Getting Always, 

DJ Khaled Teamed Up With Netflix To Drops Major Keys [VIDEO] – ADRI.V The Go Getta

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After dropping a very loaded album on July 29 with contributions from Jay Z, Future, Drake, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean, Rick Ross, and many more you would think he would now relax a bit but no! He wants more, more success, more wins…..lol  The Hip Hop king of social media teamed up with Chelseato to become the “Chief Financial Correspondent” for the Chelsea Handler led Netflix talk show.

In true fashion DJ Khaled dropped major keys and asked key questions while chopping it up with the financial advisor Michelle Tascoe about things such as is it a good idea to lease or buy his tour bus, housing his sneakers in “shoe-seum,” and interest rates.

Check it out below!