Adriana “ADRI.V” Viverette also known as “The Go Getta” started interning at 16 years old at her hometown radio station. “The Go Getta” slogan has not only served as a motto for her life, but it has also become her PLAN FOR ACTION! At an early age, ADRI.V realized that one must ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK for what they want and believe in. With this, plan in pursuit, she began to grace the radio airways for the very same station that she once interned for in Buffalo New York and has expanded her media imprint to her syndicated show “ADRI.V’s Go Getta Mix” now on in Rochester, Albany, and New York City. As a true Go Getta ADRI.V Is what happens when Empowerment, Education and Entertainment meets! Adriana is a Voice Over Actor, TV Host, Red Carpet Reporter who has covered the BET Hip Hop Awards, VMAs and the GRAMMYS. As a true advocate for education and change she is a Professor, Philanthropist and Youth Advocate. 



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